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We're NOT little gods

Let the bible interpret the bible.  Explaining the meaning behind the passage where God calls us little gods. 

His sheep know His voice

In a world full of people telling us what to do, followers of Christ know the voice that leads to eternal life, to green pastures.  That voice is Jesus Christ. 

Jesus, our example, broke barriers (i.e. racial, ethnic, cultural, etc.) so that the Gospel could be heard by all people. 

God's Got a Plan

No matter how much things seem to be stalled in what God wants to do for you or for a nation, God's Got a Plan. 

Focus on Jesus

Focus on Jesus...what He taught, how he lived.  Seek after Him when you need answers.  

We Have a Savior in Jesus

After salvation, we still sin, but knowing that it's wrong and relying on Jesus for salvation, we can now live freely in Him.  We work on improving ourselves with the help of the H...

We're Not Dead, But Alive

When you choose Jesus, you are alive forever more.  

Before You Accuse Me

Before you accuse others of something wrong, take a look at yourself to see what sin is in your life or what mistakes you've made. 

Jerry Continues with his teaching on Law vs. Faith in Christ part 2. 

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